Happy 98th Grandma

A friend rang yesterday and needed a card for his Grandma who was turning 98. It was stinking hot day with only a light breeze, perfect for sitting outside in our entertainment area and really not an ideal day to craft but hey 98 years old. That lady had to have a special card, no matter whether I felt like crafting or not.

So off I headed to the craft room, well actually the bomb site would be a better way of describing it. I removed the carpet square in the morning and took it round to our rental. Sounds easy enough but I had two trestles covered in stuff which needed moved, a couple of boxes of product semi packed which I need to take to Nelson on Friday. All in all it was a bit of a disaster zone.

But as I said 98 is pretty special. I ferreted thru my box of samples and came across a card I made 2 years ago for Savvys 13th birthday and decided to use that as my sketch. I used different colours and stamps but am pleased with the finished result. I hope his grandma likes it. I even decorated the envelope. My friend was pretty pleased with and even though it was too hot to craft I did enjoy making this card.

Check back in a couple of days and see what I made on Monday for a friend who is turning 60 on the 28th December.


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