Engagement card for Mike and Toni

On Xmas Day my son finally gave me my Xmas wish of a daughter in law. We waited nearly 7 years (so did Toni) to get our wish granted. Toni is an absolute sweetheart and we are delighted to have her officially as part of our family.
My favourite photo of Toni and Mike

The colours were chosen as those are the colours for their wedding in January 2013.
The actual card is inside the box.....

Partially open........
Fully open. I have put an M on the top square which you can't see in the photo.

The cake was a bit fiddly to make, but I am very pleased with the end result. I think I shall make another for Savannah's anniversary birthday in May as she will be away at school when it arrives.

Till next time happy crafting


  1. Hi Teejay,
    This is fantastic love every bit of it.

  2. beautiful Tee-Jay and congratulations!

  3. Wow Tee-jay this is gorgeous. You do such awesome work. Love Jojo

  4. They will be thrilled with it Tee-Jay. Congrats.

  5. you are absolutely talented!...

  6. That is another awesome creation. So cool. :-) Donna

  7. such a cool idea for a special card :-)

  8. That is gorgeous Tee Jay. Congratulations. Lynn


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