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Apparently its 110 days to go

I read on facebook the other day that its 110 days to go to Xmas. Wow thats not long really and I am sure the days will just fly by so time to start getting the Xmas cards started.
I usually start in October as I make so many. Last years count was well over 200 but this year it will be quite a few less due to lots of other things going on.
I have so far managed to make 58 and am still well short of my target number. The design is simple, yet effective but it means that I can mass produce such a large number in a time effective way.
A night of cutting, a few nights of embossing a lots of cutting in front of TV. The original design for the card was layered but that was shelved very quickly as it meant twice as much embossing and twice as much cutting. This is one of the cards I will be doing at a class in Nelson in November and I hope they all have fun making it and that the recipients smile when they receive it. Much nicer to get a card in the mail than a bill :-) Till next time Happy craft…