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Gotta love the coffee guy

I have a special man who comes to visit me everyday, no its not my husband its the Coffee Man. Zahid delivers me a cappuccino every week day to my office door. He is always smiling and friendly and provides awesome service and also makes the best jolly coffee in town. You see there are some things that a girl just can't live without and mine is really good coffee. Chocolate I can take or leave but mmmmmm coffee, no way!

We were talking earlier this week as we do and I mentioned that I had been making wheat bags and he had not heard of how they were used. Well after a bit of a discussion with myself and Phyllis over the road from work on my way home I decided I would pop into town and see if I could find some fabric with coffee on it. Jackpot I found the perfect fabric. While I was there I thought I better find something nice for Phyllis too as I didn't want her to feel left out. So here is the end result for both of them to get when the Coffee cart arrives at 11 tomorrow


You can't go wrong with black and white/cream

Black and cream or black and white are so easy to work with, doesn't matter how you much of each you use it just works every single time.
Today I thought I would share with you all what I have been working on to put in the gift baskets for Xmas.
I used one of the pieces of fabric called Timeless Portrait and made a wheat bag and a fresh lavender bag. I used my scallop square die to cut out the fabric for the lavender bag. I popped a scrap of satin ribbon on the corner in case the recipient wants to hang it on the wall. They are just so quick and easy to make and boy does my house smell soooooo good.
I then wrapped the wheat bag, a new flannel and the lavender together with more satin ribbon so that it is packaged as a set.

Till next time Happy crafting Tee-Jay

Fabric fun

My daughter had a friend in to play today and whilst they were happily occupied I got my sewing machine out to make a storage bag for the new reconfigured piercing tool set that we are getting on 1 September. It doesn't look that exciting without the tools in it but I did have fun making it. There is pocket in the middle that goes right down and will hold the piercing tool and a pen. Its difficult to see in the photo as I used cream cotton to sew it. I just need to wait till the new catalogue to get a button (I suspect there are some nice large ones coming) and it will be complete.
Next I decided to use some more of the Twitterpated fabric to make a storage bag to hold my 2 current paper piercing tool sets. Heaps of fun to make and it on ly took 22 minutes from start to finish (included the time working out the measurements for the bag)

Mixed Bunch butterflies

The new Mixed Bunch stamp and matching punch have been a great addition to my collection. There are several ways in which to use the stamps to create butterflies for adding to your cards.
 If you look at the top row this is the original image of the stamp, which I have punched out. below each of the top images is a way to make the same stamp into 3 different butterflies. Use your bone folder to put a curve on the wings and attach to your card with a glue dot. Quick and easy to make.

We made these cute little butterflies at a VSA fundraiser recently using the punch and one of the styles of butterfly shown above. The toughest part was finding the little eggs for the bodies. thank goodness for the sweet shop in town that's been around for 70 years as they saved my bacon literally.
At Easter next year I am going to stash some small eggs away from those in the house with a sweet tooth (not me I'm afraid) to make throughout the year. I put antennae on them originally but didn't…