A card doesn't just bring a smile it may also bring a giggle....

My sister in law was given digital camera recently and took some amazing photos at my sons wedding. She however had no idea on how to download them, email them and in fact is quite terrified of her computer.

I talked her through things on the phone and sent her a "cheat sheet" via email so she can do it again and again until such time as she no longer needed it.

I then set her the challenge to follow the cheat sheet and email me with a photo attached twice. I joked on the phone that once she had completed the tasks I would give her her L plates.

On the weekend I decided that she had passed and should be issued with her L plates so made her a card. The background was chosen as it resembled a stop sign. I hope she has a giggle (am sure she will) when she gets her card in the mail and I am looking forward to our next chat on the phone. Next step is to get her a restricted license!
Till next time
Happy crafting


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