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My recruiting special till 30 May if you join Tee-Jayz Tearers

I have been giving the new recruit special some though this month and have decided to run a special recruiting offer of my own.

Now Stampin' Up are offering a sign up for $189.00 and if you do it before 30 May you get another $75 of free product but I thought I would sweeten the deal a little further.

I have a collection of old style stamp pads some of which have never been used and whilst I can't sell them I am allowed to give them away. I started replacing them with the new style ones and just don't use the old style ones anymore. Yay I hear you say, more free stuff which I know we all love. I will also throw in a pack of A4 cardstock in whisper white or very vanilla.

So..........anyone from anywhere in NZ that signs with me by the 30th May will get to pick 3 stamp pads from my collection, a pack of A4 cardstock, $435.00 worth of product of their choice from the main catalogue or the mini catalogue and all this for the low price of $189.00!

So what will I offer you as …