Its party time!

My friend who works over the road from my office is having a special birthday between Xmas and new year and was going to buy a little pad of invites from Whitcoulls. Now I couldn't have that so I offered to  make them as anything with an 0 on the end of it is way too special not to have personalised invites.

She came round, had a look thru my very large sample box and liked the invite I made for my 50th, a change in colour and a tweek in design and we had an invite. The inserts were a fancy font with flourishes top and bottom. Perfect for my friend.

It was great to be able to hand 30 of them over the next day with the white chalker marker and some classy black envelopes. Feedback has been great from the recipients and it was a pleasure to make something special for a birthday with the big 0 on the end of it


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