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Flirtatious fabric projects

Yesterday was wet and miserable and the perfect opportunity to get some sewing done. I had promised a friend that I would make her a holder for the new piercing tool kit items. (I hope she is not checking out my blog as it won't go on the courier until tomorrow morning).  If you thinks its you that its for then please do not look any further.

I gave her the choice of fabrics before the new catalogue came out and she was pretty sure that the Flirtatious fabric would stay so I ordered some and stashed it away in the sewing room with the rest of the fabric. Now that I am back doing a bit of sewing after having had a break for a many years I find that I am drawn to fabric in the same way that I have previously drawn to ribbon. If you've seen my collection then you will know that I am addicted.
 Outside of the cover  Cover open - mat goes on left handside and piercing templates on right. There is a pocket down the centre which holds a pen or pencil and also the piercing tool close …