You can't go wrong with black and white/cream

Black and cream or black and white are so easy to work with, doesn't matter how you much of each you use it just works every single time.
Today I thought I would share with you all what I have been working on to put in the gift baskets for Xmas.
I used one of the pieces of fabric called Timeless Portrait and made a wheat bag and a fresh lavender bag. I used my scallop square die to cut out the fabric for the lavender bag. I popped a scrap of satin ribbon on the corner in case the recipient wants to hang it on the wall. They are just so quick and easy to make and boy does my house smell soooooo good.
I then wrapped the wheat bag, a new flannel and the lavender together with more satin ribbon so that it is packaged as a set.

Till next time
Happy crafting


  1. What a lovely gift to give Tee-Jay! Love the colour scheme too ♥


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