Gotta love the coffee guy

I have a special man who comes to visit me everyday, no its not my husband its the Coffee Man. Zahid delivers me a cappuccino every week day to my office door. He is always smiling and friendly and provides awesome service and also makes the best jolly coffee in town. You see there are some things that a girl just can't live without and mine is really good coffee. Chocolate I can take or leave but mmmmmm coffee, no way!

We were talking earlier this week as we do and I mentioned that I had been making wheat bags and he had not heard of how they were used. Well after a bit of a discussion with myself and Phyllis over the road from work on my way home I decided I would pop into town and see if I could find some fabric with coffee on it. Jackpot I found the perfect fabric. While I was there I thought I better find something nice for Phyllis too as I didn't want her to feel left out. So here is the end result for both of them to get when the Coffee cart arrives at 11 tomorrow

Zahids gift
Zahids card
Phyllis's one (sorry for the photo being on its side but for some reason Blogger flips my photos sometimes :-)
Phillis's card

Till next time happy crafting


  1. Again - what a thoughtful gift Tee-Jay. I bet they loved them! I'm with you - a world without coffee just doesn't bear thinking about!


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