Mixed Bunch butterflies

The new Mixed Bunch stamp and matching punch have been a great addition to my collection. There are several ways in which to use the stamps to create butterflies for adding to your cards.
 If you look at the top row this is the original image of the stamp, which I have punched out. below each of the top images is a way to make the same stamp into 3 different butterflies. Use your bone folder to put a curve on the wings and attach to your card with a glue dot. Quick and easy to make.

We made these cute little butterflies at a VSA fundraiser recently using the punch and one of the styles of butterfly shown above. The toughest part was finding the little eggs for the bodies. thank goodness for the sweet shop in town that's been around for 70 years as they saved my bacon literally.
At Easter next year I am going to stash some small eggs away from those in the house with a sweet tooth (not me I'm afraid) to make throughout the year. I put antennae on them originally but didn't like them so took them off.

Till next time
Happy crafting


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