Storing metal cutting dies

I have always stored my metal cutting dies in a clam shell but can never remember what I have (no its not old age) so I thought I would share with you how I am now storing them
After a session in the craft roof with a couple of good mates and much discussion this was the end result.
There are 4 velcro dots on the back of the 12 x 12 thick cork tile so that I can take the entire cork board of the wall and put on my desk and then just stick it back when I am finished. The strips are self adhesive magnet which I cut to the size I wanted. Took less than 5 minutes to make and fits perfectly in the gap between the curtain and the book case. What do you think??

Happy crafting


  1. Love it Tee-Jay. I have been storing mine in a cd plastic case that holds 20 c'ds. I put one set on each cd and they are attahced with double sided tape. Haven't worked out what to do with odd shaped ones though....

    1. I am hoping Wendy that in the new catalogue which comes out on 1 September that we will have the empty cases like the clear mount stamps come in. This will give us something to store our metal dies in and also an apportunity to unmount our wood mount stamps and make them clear mount. In short more room to store more goodies. ;-)

  2. Awesome Tee-Jay i love it. Jojo

  3. Very easy to do Jojo and am happy to show you how to make it. Can also be hung with ribbon by making a couple of holes in the top of each cork tile. Give me a ring if you need hand to make one.


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