Why use Crystal Effects on a project

I have to admit I am a big Crystal Effects fan but many don't know what to do with this product. It can be used as a glue to adhere items ot your project as shown below on a badge I made last year

I used it to "glue" everything to the badge. The only tape that I used was to tape the badge holder to the back. Takes a while to dry but gives a great effect and you have the ability to "move" your pieces around more so than glue. Once everything was dry I painted with a brush the Crystal Effects over the entire badge, drizzled it into the flower centres and attached the vellum butterfly.

 I am not a big fan of glue as I find I get the jolly stuff eveywhere. Many an article of clothing has been ruined because I chose to use glue and got it on myself. I am a bit of messy crafter by some standards and if my hands aren't covered in ink then its not been a good crafting day. Sometimes I wonder what the boss thinks as my nails can be a bit stained some Monday mornings. Cherry Cobbler is the worst offender and it takes ages to get it off your nails. I suppose its another reason why I should wear nailpolish as the ink is easier to remove if you do.

You can also use it to highlight parts of your project. On the card below (three guesses who its for?) I used it to make the bubbles shine.  The photo doesn't show the shine very clearly but I am sure the recipient will love the shiny bubble look.

Till next time
Happy crafting


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