Have paper, can package

A quick project today as I have been busy prepping for the VSA fundraiser next Saturday but I wanted to send some sweets to Savannah and as everyone knows if you are a crafter you have to find some way to package your gift so that it is unique.
I had recently sent some heart lollies inside a little hat box (shown in an earlier post) which once the container was empty could be used to hold her earrings in.
Savannah had asked me to send her some lollies so I had a surf on the net (as you do) and came across a way to package sweets. I purchased a packet of sweets and wrapped it in DSP (Salebration pack) and then made a flower to sit on the top using the Mixed Bunch stamp set and punch in the new mini.

Most people in my family know that only the special people get hersheys kisses. I used to send them to my Dad when he was in Hospice/Hospital and found all sorts of unique ways to include them with a card/gift box.
The lady that made the flower on the net had used a button and I thought a 13 year old doesn't want a button but she might like a kiss from home so I used a hersheys kiss for the centre of the flower.
The leaves are made by punching the flower out of DSP and cutting it in half and attaching it to either side of the flower.
This is perfect for wedding favours  as there is no need for scoring the wrapper. You just measure how wide the paper needs to be, tape both ends and wrap it around the contents.
You could also make an arrangement of flowers and pop them in a container. Perfect if you need a quick easy gift for someone.
Till next time
Happy crafting


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