Fun with fabric

Last night I had a bit of fun playing with Stampin' Up fabric. I saw this card on the demo area within Stampin' Ups website and had to give it a try.

I used the Tasteful trim die through the Big Shot to make the flower and some bakers twine in the button. Looks like an ordinary card doesn't it but check out the next photo as it is actually a card and a gift in one.

If you look at the top of the flower you will see a hairclip covered in ribbon. This is an ideal birthday card for a little girl who loves to pop hair clips in her hair. A friends daughter had a birthday recently and she will be the test subject for reaction value. I would be happy to get a 6 or 7 out of 10 for this one.

After making this card I had to have another go with a different fabric.

Same card sketch but using different fabric.

I then decided a head band might me a possibility as I was now getting the hang of a glue gun (I loathe using glue as I get it everywhere), so letting me loose with a glue gun was almost unthinkable but I did manage to create the headband and clip below without getting my fingers covered in the stuff. As they say practise makes perfect. Not that these have reached perfection yet but I am getting there as they say.

I hope my creations of yesterday inspire you to give fabric a go. If you would like a lesson on how to make these I can schedule a class. Just email me on and I will sort out a date for you.

Check back later in the week and see what happened when I put ribbon in my oven. Yes you did read that correctly I put ribbon in my oven and cooked it. Sure as heck beats using the oven for cooking  ;-)

Till next time
Happy crafting


  1. Awesome Tee-Jay i love these. Jo

    1. Many thanks Jo, you can click on the follow by email link which is just above the followers if you like as I see youa re commenting regularly and you will get an email of when I update my blog.

  2. AWESOME STUFF !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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