Cat gifts for Savannah

Now I know you all know that Miss Savannah loves cats, especially Miss Cuddles so I thought today I would have a bit of play with some cat stamps. I am doing a fundraiser for VSA in 2 weekends and am showing the ladies how to make a stamped candle as one of the projects. Well I had no samples to show them (recent power cuts here in Wanganui). I decided a couple of cat candles would go down a treat when Savannah came home in the holidays.

Then I realised that I would need to make a card to pop in the mail. I like to send a card about every 10 days and after nearly 2 terms she has a bit of a collection going in cards. My friends have been awesome in sending cards and stickers to her also. So of course the card had to be a cat one. I used an embossing folder for the background to make it look like that cat was falling and then I loaded up my brayer with ink and ran it across the top of the embossing.

A bit of colouring and some crystal effects for the balloons and we were almost done. A couple of punchs, a sentiment, a couple of dimensionals and I was finished. I hope she likes it.

Till next time, happy crafting


  1. These are simply way too cute! Savannah will love the Tee-jay. What a very thoughful, loving Mum you are ♥


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