Miss Cuddles with bling

I have not been up to crafting this week as I managed to lock my neck up completely. Rather painful I might add, if you tried to move your head to the side it felt like the top of your head was going to blow off. Nurofen have been my new best friend the past 4 days and my new recliner my favourite spot.

So with that in mind the card this week is one I sent Savannah last term. Savannah misses her cat Cuddles while she is away at school so I tried to make a card that looked like Miss Cuddles. I didn't get it right but Savannah was tickled pink with her card anyway.

Now here's Miss Cuddles.....

I did warn you that the card didn't resemble the cat but at least it made Savannah smile. She looks forward to care packages from home and loves the cards that she gets sent.

Till next time
Happy crafting


  1. personally, I think the resemblance is pretty good Tee-Jay! So cute!! Love the new look blog too ♥


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