Sun bonnet Saturday

Today I thought I would share with you some little bonnets that I have made. Now you will have seen several versions of these over the internet but I thought you might like to know how to make one. They are perfect for a gift for a special female and could contain anything from jewellery to sweets. Here's how we make them.....

You need to cut the following pieces
  1. Big shot - scallop circle in card
  2. Big shot - clear circle in DSP
  3. 2x 2 3/8" scallop ciircles (only one shown in the photo)
  4. Big Shot - 2 leaves from Island Floral in green card
  5. 3x 1 3/8" scallop circles in card
  6. An empty Stampin' Up storage container
  7. 2 pieces of ribbon (one to be wider than the other)
Attach your DSP circle to the scallop circle (this will be the base)
Remove labelling from the plastic container.
Glue to the inside bottom of the container 1 of the large scallop circles you have punched.
Attach the thicker ribbon to the outside of the plastic container and layer the thinner piece over the top.
Attach the second 2 3/8" scallop to the top of the plastic container.
Fold the 2 leaves in half lengthwise and feed them thru your crimper.

Now take the 3 small scallop ovals and feed them thru the crimper (don't lay them on top of each other but put them side by side as shown

See how the leaves look once they have been put thru the crimper, they actually look like leaves. Now turn the scallop circles 90 degrees and feed them all through the crimper again. Do this 2 more times turning each time you put them thru. You have now broken the fibres in the cardstock and you will be able to split the cardstock and end up with 6 circles. You will need to split the card slowly.

Once you have split all the cardstock put the 6 layers together and punch a hole in the middle to put a brad thru. Cut at the petals all the way thru to the brad
Attach the leaves with either glue dots or dimensionals over where the ribbon joins. Scrunch the flower so that it pops up and becomes 3 dimensional (sorry this is my term as I am not sure what it is actually called). The easiest way is to hold it in the palm of your hand and start to close your hand and the flower just sort of scrunches up. Attach it over where the leaves are joined.
Given that these are so easy I thought I would make a few more but each with a slight variation on the previous one
This one I sponged the edges of the card after I had split it and stamped one of the delicate doiles stamps on the top and punched it out with a 1 3/4 " punch. I think Jojo gets this one as wisteria wonder is her favourite colour at the moment.

 Black and cream, absolutely perfect for some jewellery

Morning mocha specialty paper, absolutely perfect to pop some hersheys kisses in

Till next time,
happy crafting



  1. Hey, great to catch up today. Great stuff, these look great!!

  2. lovely, must try it when i get some empty containers

  3. Lovely hats. Thank you for sharing the tuturial. Will have to give these a go.

  4. Just beautiful Tee-Jay and a great tutorial!

  5. These are very cool, thanks for sharing.


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