Congratulations Big brother

There is a little boy that comes into work regularly to see me and when he comes in I always ask him how many pockets he has. He's not quite three and is adorable. He always goes away with a balloon for each pocket and one for each hand. I've even seen him in town and he always asks if I have any balloons. Thanks to young Xavier I now carry balloons in my handbag and am commonly known as the balloon lady.

Xavier has recently become a big brother and I thought with all the fuss of a new baby he might be feeling a little left out. I decided to get him a bucket of lego and make a card just for him to say congratulations on becoming a big brother. I always wanted a big brother.

What boy wouldn't love the Dinosaur stamp set. I stamped up the images, then coloured them in, cut them out and popped 2 on the card with dimensionals and glued 2 onto the envelope. I also popped two balloons inside the card as I'd hate him to think that I had forgotten that he enjoys them
Till next time
happy crafting


  1. That is the sweetest thing to do, Tee-Jay. Having two sons who are mad keen on Lego, I know you will have won this little boy's heart. His Mum must think you are an angel too. Big hugs, you gorgeous, kind lady. xoxox


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