Places butterflies visit

It appears butterflies have taken up residence at my place the past couple of days. As I had a home for my first bird house I needed a sample to show everyone at the class next week so I decided to make another one. I got a visitor part way thru making it and the young man took a liking to it so I gave it to him to take home. One happy chappy but alas no sample to show the girls.

The young man took home the monarch  butterfly one and I sat down and made another one as my sample. I changed a few things with it tho, I decided not to use DSP but use very vanilla cardstock and emboss it and scuff it up with a sponge. I also didn't put a base on it as I thought it looked better. A bit of sparkle on the edges of the wings and my sample was finished.
Now the dilemma is will it stay in the craftroom until next weeks class or will it find a new home between now and then as you never know where or when a butterfly may visit....


  1. These both look stunning too. I particularly like the second one.

  2. fantabulous can understand why they fly out the door


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