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Well it's been 2 months since I last posted and a lot has happened. My daughter has been home from school 8 weeks and returns tomorrow, I became a mother in law (yay!!) and I am on a steep learning curve on how to drive an ipad and learn about apps.

So I think I have now sorted out how to load photos from the ipad to my blog (a few mutterings along the way getting it all sorted but hopefully I have hit the jackpot and got it all sorted for this post)

For those that are particular/pendantic about spelling bear with me as I am not quite used to a touch screen yet and keep forgetting the caps key so occasionally things that should have a capital letter don't. But really you are not here to spellcheck me are you, you've come to look at the pictures ;-)

So here we go with a pikky or two. My son and daughter in law asked if we could display a wedding photo of our wedding and our parents weddings at the wedding venue. Now given that I left everything to the last minute with these photos (I thought oh that's easy, just dig them out and throw them in a bag and we will be off)

Problem 1 my parents photo wasn't in a frame, my wedding photo was in an oval frame so I had to find a smaller copy of it and lastly I didn't have a photo of my in laws wedding. A quick call to my sister in law in Gore who brought thru an original photo which I scanned and cropped, a search thru the 100's of photos I have and I now had the three photos required.

Problem 2 was they were all different sizes and taken over three decades. How on earth was I going to display them.

So at 6.15 am on the day of the wedding I was in the craftroom making the most Basic scrapbook pages you have ever seen ( no star pages in this lot I'm afraid). By 8 am they were finished, not flash, but finished and I had to be happy with them as it was time for more important things such as hair and makeup. I also did a page in the retired Mocha morning dsp using a photo of the bride and groom taken at xmas. The heart complete with pearls was used on the invites, as were the pearls and tags.

Thank goodness Stampin up have a great range of papers. I had 4 sheets of this paper which was perfect as I did a page the same of my son and beautiful daughter in law. Hopefully my next pages will be a bit less basic in structure.

Till next time happy crafting


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