Ahoy there me hearties.......

I have a really fun project to work on over the weekend.......pirate themed invites and favour boxes! A friends son is turning 4 next month (wow where did that time go) and its a pirate themed event.

Luckily for me the new ocassions catalogue had the perfect set and now an excuse to purchase it (who wants to disappoint a 4 year old!). I ordered it Sunday last week and it turned up on my doorstep Friday so this afternoon it was time to get some ink on it and have a try with a few colour and design concepts. I have cut the greeting off the stamp as I don't think I will use it much but have kept it (as we crafters do) in case I need it further down the track

This is one of the samples (Mum coming to help make them and she gets the final say) but I'm quite pleased with how the invite and the party favour turned out. The glue wasn't dry when I took the photo (no patience yet to wait as it will be too late to take a photo tonight) but it does dry clear.


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