Sheltering Trees

Since revamping my crafting space I am finding it much easier to create in. I just need to remind myself to put everything back once I have finished creating a card rather than walking out of the room and closing the door!

The room itself has tons of natural light and I have moved my desk so it is front of the window and wow what a difference to how quicky I can create now. I find myself popping up there for half an hour every couple of nights and its a great stress relief after a busy day at the office. 

The room now doubles as a guest room and its a ten minute job to move the trundler bed in and make it up for guests. Its also one of the coolest rooms in the house which in this current heat is a blessing. I have slso added in a stereo that doubles as a DVD player and a small 14" TV so really its my little spot of paradise.

It was 31 degres here yesterday so what better place to hide from the heat. I chose the set Sheltering Trees which I am having quite a bit if fun with and made 6 cards (2 of each style) to put in my stash of emergency cards. I used several different greeting stamps and ink combinations.

Again they were super quick to create once I had the images on the blocks and all the ink pads out that I required


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