Off for a walk on the wild side....

I have decided to take a walk to the other side and try and scrapbook. One thing I have discovered in the past 24 hours is I need a bigger desk! Now I'm a reasonably messy card maker when it comes to the quantity of blank space on my desk but well my desk is utter chaos.
I had stocked up on the 8x 8 pages recently in the clearance rack so thought that would be a good size to start with.

All the pages I see on the net are stunning works of art. Sadly I am not up to that standard but I hope with practise and a bigger desk I will one day be wow-ed at a page I make. I have decided tho that 8 x 8 is a good place to start as you can at most get a couple of photos on each page. Perhaps one day I shall be off my learner lisence and graduate to 12 x 12.

In the meantime heres one I did today of my daughter taken in Nelson. Very basic but a starting point none the less.


  1. Tee Jay that's pretty good for someones first attempt - you can make the clutter less if you use digital MDS - only you don't get that touchy feely thing - but then if you pop that into a sleeve you wont feel the flower anyway. With MDS I have customers who actually touch the elements because they look like they are raised. Each to their own challenge yourself and go to page maps for ideas on layouts or just google scrapbooking layouts/sketches - just keep at it girl that's a great page :-)


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