Take one little stamp....

And a cherry cobbler and gumball green stamp pad, some cardstock and embossing folder that matches the image perfctly and what do you get? Why Xmas cards of course!

I haven't yet purchased Mosaic madness so had to make do with the image from Very Merry tags. I have to say I had a heap of fun with just this one little stamp and punch.

Its so easy to create with and even though I used the same image the cards are all different.
I will share the rest of the cards I made this week so check back or sign up to follow my blog and that way you will get to see them all

First up today is three cards, all made the same way but with the stamped image colours switched around ever so slightly to create a slightly different looking card. 

White cards are not something we make to often but they are clean and crisp and no fail cards to make. Also my eyes were not 100% as I had an allergic reaction to a facial last week and they are so sore that it had to be simple simple simple today or it just would not have gotten made at all. I looked liked something from halloween on Friday but am looking much more like Tee-jay today (yay)


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