Valentines card for a special someone

I made a very special card this year for Savannah and hope that when she receives it in the mail at school that it will make her smile. She's feeling a bit homesick at the moment and says that she misses me growling at her. I never thought I'd hear one of my children say they missed that.
I am trying to make a card each week for her so that she can put them on the wall in her room.
This card was made using only punches and 1 stamp.  Its amazing what you can do with a few punches. There is an extra heart on the circle as you guessed it Mrs messy fingers (me) managing to get ink on the cream cardstock).

I sent another card card on the weekend like the previous post but it had stripes and a bling collar but I forgot to take a photo of it before I sent it off. With one child away at school and another in Papua New Guinea I am finding the house very quiet and quite lonely. After 29 years of kids we finally have the house to ourselves and I think its going to take some time to get used to it all.
Till next time
Happy crafting


  1. I read this information and also see this simple card but it's not only the card but also represent the feeling of the sender. I hope in future you also update us from these kinds of collection.


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