VSA Fundraiser day 2

Wow what can I say, but day 2 was amazing and soooo much fun. We have raised around $770 for VSA (final tally still to be confirmed as I am waiting on a couple of orders to come in) and a huge thanks to all who came to support this fundraiser. Both Aaron, myself and VSA really appreciate your support.
There are several people that I need to say a big thank you to:
  • Lynn for helping on the 2 days and providing her big shot machine
  • Savannah for her wonderful poster that she created on the computer for the for sale table.
  • Aaron for going to Papua New Guinea ( I would never have come up with the fundraiser without you)
  • Steve for putting up with me being in the craft room at night for the last couple of weeks working on projects
  • Coll who came all the way from Auckland to support the fundraiser, still can't get my head around the fact you came that far to come
  • Robyn for organising the church hall for me, opening up for us and locking up when we left
  • My customers who well and truly supported this fundraiser in a huge way. I really do appreciate your support and was so warmed by all your wonderful comments over the 2 days.
Some of the ladies punch out the pieces for their Easter rabbit card

Some were busy and some were smiling for the camera :-)
Mums the word about looking at the catalogue Linda ;-)

Till next time happy crafting everyone


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