Supporting the All Blacks

10 minutes before the World Cup final Savannah said she needed a supporters outfit. 10 minutes, oh no, If all else fails head for the craft room, brainstorm for a few seconds and grab the white and black staz on, find a piece of satin and stamp as fast as you can.  End result a very happy young lady who cheered initially for the french (they had adopted France as school) but got on board and cheered for the AB's.

Not one of better craft projects but my daughter thinks Mum is the bomb (well at least last night anyway). I dare say by the end of the day she will be fairly grumpy as it was a rather late night for her but hey its been 24 years since we held the trophy so what the heck.
Am off to the craft room later today to make invites for Savannah's 13th birthday which is on Thursday and trust me she's a jolly tough critic of my work.
Till next time, happy crafting.


  1. What a fabulous Mum you are Tee-Jay. Just look at that gorgeous smile on Savannah's face! I hope she enjoyed the game more than I did. Couldn't watch the last 20 minutes. Made envelopes instead!!


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