Baby shower gift

I had to come up with a gift for a baby shower and originally bought a nappy bag (oops they had one of those) so instead I got the thinking cap on, went shopping and bought yip newborn nappies.........108 of them!) Wow are those nappies teeny tiny.
So the idea was to make a nappy cake. The bottom 3 layers hide a bottle of wine and the top layer has a small baby bottle filled with candy (so that when the parents feel they need a little sweeting the candy is there to do the job.
Now I just have to whip it into the florist to get it wrapped and I will take it out on Saturday to the couple. Fingers crossed they like it.

Now I am off to make the baby card.............not sure what colour as I am sure you have realised that the gender of the baby is not known as yet
Till next time,
Happy crafting


  1. Wow Tee-Jay - what a lot of work, but so thoughtful and useful! Love the idea of hiding the bottle of wine and candy in the middle of all those nappies. Well done you! ♥


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